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Bahrain is an island nation in the Gulf middle East region which consists of more than 30 islands , it’s a center of trade because of its beautiful geography which connects many western and eastern nations through the seaways , the capital of Bahrain is Manama which is a well-known.
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Singapore is one of the widely known country in the South Asian region it is located in the Southern tip of Malaysia. Singapore as a country is well known for his trade hub it’s also the transport and Finance hub of the world. This blog is to understand the requirements and advantages of ISO 17025 certification in Singapore or so before understanding what is ISO 17025 let understand what is ISO and what it’s time for ISO and international organisation for standardization which is the only authority to public and upgrade the ISO standard it has not till date a bit more than 21000 standard.
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At least five of the 36 trekkers have died after a massive fire broke out in the forest at Kurangani hills near Bodi in Theni district of Tamil Nadu on Sunday night officials said.

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